Schnable Lab Alumni

Current Lab Members

Lab Alumni

Postdocs and Visiting Scientists

  Name Title Tenure Current Affiliation
Lina Corona-López Lina Corona-López Technician    
Ravi Mural Headshot Ravi Mural Research Assistant Professor
Center for Plant Science Innovation
CV 0000-0002-5489-9918
Marcin Grzybowski Headshot Marcin Grzybowski
Postdoctoral Scholar 2019-2022 Faculty Member
University of Warsaw
Deniz Headshot Deniz Istipliler
Visiting Scholar 2022-2023 Assistant Professor
Ege University
Guangchao Sun Guangchao Sun
Postdoctoral Scholar 2018-2021 Bioinformatician
Mayo Clinic
Xiaoxi Meng Xiaoxi “Peggy” Meng
Postdoctoral Scholar 2018-2020 Postdoc University of Minnesota
Ranjita Thapa Headshot Ranjita Thapa Postdoctoral Scholar 2019-2020 Postdoc Cornell University
Sunil KK Raju Sunil KK Raju Postdoctoral Scholar 2017-2018 Postdoc, Niederhuth Lab, Michigan State
Lang Yan Lang Yan Visiting Scholar 2016-2017 Deputy Director, Potato Functional Genomics, XiChang College
Jinliang Yang Jinliang Yang Postdoctoral Scholar 2016-2017 Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Yang Zhang Yang Zhang Postdoctoral Scholar 2014-2017 Research Scientist, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

PhD Students

  Name Title Tenure Current Affiliation
Henrique Moura Dias Henrique Moura Dias Visiting PhD Student    
Nate Korth Nate Korth PhD Student/FFAR Fellow 2017-2022  
Santos Headshot Santos Yenandy
Barrera Lemus
PhD Student
2021 Biotec Research Manager, Plant Sciences inc
Chenyong Miao Chenyong Miao
PhD Student 2016-2020 Phenomics Data Scientist, Bayer Crop Science
Xiuru Dai Xiuru Dai
Visiting PhD Student
Shandong Agricultural University
2018-2019 PhD Student
Shandong Agricultural University
Daniel Carvalho Daniel Carvalho PhD Student, CV 2015-2019 Postdoc, Federal University of Minas Gerais
Zhikai Liang Zhikai Liang
PhD Student
2015-2019 Postdoc Springer Lab UMN
Xianjun Lai Xianjun Lai CSC PhD Student 2015-2017 Associate Professor, XiChang College

Masters Students

  Name Title Tenure Current Affiliation
Kahheetah Barnoskie Kahheetah Barnoskie MS Student 2021-2022  
Kyle Linders Kyle Linders MS Student 2020-2022  
Mackenzie Mackenzie Zwiener MS Student
2019-2021 UNMC Technologist
Preston Hurst Preston Hurst MS Student 2017-2019 PhD Student with David Holding, UNL
Bhushit Agarwal Bhushit Agarwal Comp. Sci. MS Student
2015-2016 Software Engineer,
Srinidhi Bashyam Srinidhi Bashyam Comp. Sci. MS Student
2015-2016 Systems Software Developer, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Bachelors Students

  Name Title Tenure Current Affiliation  
Daniel Ngu Daniel Ngu Bachelors Student 2014-2017    
Thomas Hoban Thomas Hoban
Bachelors Student 2015-2020    
Logan Olson Logan Olson Bachelors Student 2016-2017    
Xiaoyang (Chloe) Ye Xiaoyang (Chloe) Ye Bachelors Student 2016-2017    
Holly Podliska Holly Podliska UCARE Bachelors Student 2016-2017 Student Teacher  
Connor Pedersen Connor Pedersen Research Assistant 2017-2018 PostBac Student at Los Alamos National Lab  
Kyle Johnson Kyle Johnson REU Student Summer 2016 Phd Student; Biomedical Engineering; Georgia Tech  
Taylor Horn Taylor Horn REU Student Summer 2016    
Christian Butera Christian Butera REU Student Summer 2018 Clinical Scientist at PerkinElmer Genomics  
Ashley Foltz Ashley Foltz REU Student Summer 2018 Graduate Student in the School of Biological Sciences at UNL  
Alex Enersen Alex Enersen Bachelors Student 2017-2019    
Alejandro Pages Alejandro Pages UCARE Bachelors Student 2018-2019    
Ally Alexandra Bradley Bachelors Student, Summer Field Tech 2017-2019 Microbiology Technician at Microconsult  
Alex Molnar Alex Molnar Bachelors Student Summer 2019    
Nate Andreasen Nate Andreasen Bachelors Student Summer 2019    
Natalie Belz Natalie Belz REU Student Summer 2019    
Bryce Askey Bryce Askey REU Student Summer 2019    
Seth Snell Seth Snell Bachelors Student Summer 2019    
Brian Liu Xiangdong “Brian” Liu Bachelors Student
Sigmon Group
Nate Pester Nate Pester Bachelors Student
Sigmon Group
2018-2020 Med School, UNMC  
Leighton Wheeler Leighton Wheeler Bachelors Student 2019-2020 Med School  
Sierra Conway Sierra Conway Bachelors Student 2019-2020    
Madison Tunnell Madison Tunnell REU Student 2020    
Lou Townsend Lou Townsend Bachelors Student 2019-2020    
Elijah Frost Elijah Frost Bachelors Student 2020    
Logan Duryee Logan Duryee Bachelors Student 2020    
Luke Luke Micek Bachelors Student 2020-2021    
Aldi Aldi Airori Bachelors Student 2020-2021    
Isaac Stevens Isaac Stevens Bachelors Student 2019-2021 Technician, Evonik  
Olivier Olivier N Mizero CUSP Bachelors Student 2020-2021    
Rongqing Zhang Rongqing Zhang Bachelors Student Spring 2021    
Sam Rangira Sam Rangira Bachelors Student 2021    
Mohamed Al Hussaini Mohamed Al Hussaini] Bachelors Student Summer 2021    
Aleah Miller Aleah Miller Bachelors Student Summer 2021    
Henry Medlock Henry “Hank” Medlock Bachelors Student Summer 2021    
Prince Ngiruwonsanga Prince Ngiruwonsanga Bachelors Student Summer 2021    
Alexis Alexis Finch Bachelors Student 2020-2021    
Jocelyne Horanituze Jocelyne Horanituze Bachelors Student 2020-2021    
Grace Carey Grace Carey Bachelors Student Summer 2021    
Remy Hirwa Remy Hirwa Bachelors Student Summer 2021-Fall 2021    
Brooke Bouwens Brooke Bouwens REEEU Student Summer 2022    
Lionel Kagaba Lionel Kagaba Bachelors Student Summer 2022    
Marthe Niyingenera Marthe Niyingenera Bachelors Student Summer 2022    
Carine Mushimiyimana Carine Mushimiyimana Bachelors Student Summer 2022    
Alexa Nolan Alexa Nolan REEEU Student Summer 2022    
Han Tran Han Tran Bachelors Student Summer 2022    
Alice Guo Alice Guo Bachelors Student Summer 2022    
Abaigeal Aydt Abaigeal Aydt Bachelors Student Summer 2022    
Alliance Igiraneza Alliance Igiraneza Bachelors Student 2021-2023    
Daniella Norah Tumisiine Daniella Norah Tumusiine Bachelors Student 2021-2023    
Isabel Sigmon Isabel Sigmon HS Student and
Bachelors Student
Maddy Maddy Faber Bachelors Student 2023    
Kashish Kashish Syed Bachelors Student 2023    
Karla Montserrat Cuéllar Pérez Karla Montserrat Cuéllar Pérez Visiting Bachelor Student Summer 2022    
Luyang Zhang Luyang Zhang REU Intern      

High School Students

  Name Title Tenure Current Affiliation
Nicole Hollander Nicole Hollander YNS High School Intern Summer 2017  
Ryleigh Ryleigh Grove YNS Student Summer 2021 UNL class of 2026

All Others

  Name Title Tenure Current Affiliation
Lei Tian Lei Tian Visiting PhD Student
Henan Agricultural University
Summer 2014 PhD Student
Sarah Johnson Sarah Johnson Rotating PhD Student
Complex Biosystems
Spring 2017 Graduate Student, Clemente & Hyten Labs
Taity Changa Headshot Taity Changa Volunteer 2019 Postdoc University of Florida
Michael Richter Headshot Michael Richter
PhD Student
Spring 2020 PhD Student, Wilson Lab
Xiangjun Li Xiangjun Li Research Associate 2020 Lab Manager, Hyten Lab, UNL
Shuying Zhang Shuying Zhang Technician 2019-2020 Technician, UNL Biomedical and Obesity Research Core
Clay Christenson Clay Christenson Tech 2019-2022  
Christine Smith Christine Smith Technician 2018-2022  
Olivier Olivier Mizero
Post-Bac Student 2022-2023