Schnable Lab

The Whole Schnable Lab

While individuals specialize, each member of the lab gets at least some experience writing computer code, employing molecular biology techniques, working with living plants in the greenhouse, and conducting fieldwork. As a result of the diverse set of collaborators we work with – applied plant breeders, biochemists, engineers, computer scientists, food scientists, and statisticians – each member of the lab also gains experience communicating both within and across scientific disciplines, as well as to diverse non-scientific audiences. This cross training produces scientists who are equipped to both understand and address the complex and far-reaching problems our world will face in coming decades.

Come work with us!

The Schnable Lab is always recruiting promising undergraduates who either wish to gain experience in computational or molecular biology techniques working as paid assistants on existing research projects, or who wish to develop and carry out independent research projects within our areas of investigation through the University of Nebraska’s UCARE program..

Openings for postdocs or graduate students (without their own source of support) fluctuate based on avaliablity of grant funds.

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The Schnable Group is based at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is lead by James Schnable. Looking for the ISU research group with the same last name? Click here.