James Schnable

James Schnable

ORCID ID: 0000-0001-6739-5527

Prof. James Schnable the Nebraska Corn Checkoff Presidential Chair at the University of Nebraska. His research group focuses on integrating new technologies and capabilities from engineering, computer science, and statistics into maize and sorghum genetic and genomic research.

James received the Marcus Rhoades Early Career Award for Maize Genetics in 2018, the North American Plant Phenotyping Network Early Career Award in 2019, and the American Society of Plant Biologists Early Career Award in 2019.

James has founded three companies: Data2Bio (focused on genotyping and breeding decision support), Dryland Genetics (breeding naturally water use efficient crops), and EnGeniousAg (low cost nondestructive nutrient and water sensors for farmers), and he serves as a consultant or advisor to the scientific advisory boards of a number of larger companies in the agricultural and genomics sectors.

James holds a BA in Biology from Cornell University (2008) and a PhD in Plant Biology from UC-Berkeley (2012). From 2013 to 2014 he was NSF Plant Genome Fellowship supported postdoctoral scholar at the Danforth Center in St. Louis and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Beijing China.

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