James Schnable

James Schnable

James Schnable is an assistant professor of Agronomy at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, affiliated with both the Center for Plant Science Innovation, the Quantitative Life Sciences Initiative, and the Nebraska Food for Health Center.

James grew in in Ames, Iowa before leaving for New York and later California to study the science of corn. He graduated from Cornell in 2008 with a BA, and from UC-Berkeley in 2012 with a PhD. Before starting his current position in Nebraska, he was an NSF Plant Genome Fellowship supported postdoc at the Danforth Center in St. Louis and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Beijing.

His research is currently supported by the National Science Foundation, The United States Department of Agriculture, the Department of Energy, the Nebraska Corn Growers Association, and private industry.

His work has lead to him founding three startups: Data2Bio (focused on genotyping and breeding decision support), Dryland Genetics (breeding naturally water use efficient crops), and EnGeniousAg (low cost nondestructive nutrient and water sensors for farmers.

ORCID ID: 0000-0001-6739-5527

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