Vladimir Torres-Rodriquez

Vladimir Rodriquez

Vladimir joined the Schnable lab in October 2021 as a postdoctoral scholar, since then he has being working with machine learning and quantitative genetic techniques to predict and associate genes (from gene expression) with a phenotype; currently, he is also vice-president of the student’s organization CROPS (Collective Research Organization of Plant Scientists). He obtained his PhD in Plant Biotechnology from LANGEBIO-CINVESTAV, Mexico; there he gained experience doing maize crosses, collecting phenotypes in the field and greenhouse, and working with gene expression data (RNA-Seq and RT-PCR). Earlier, he did his master characterizing a near isogenic line between B73 and Teosinte (parviglumis) and looking for root modification under low phosphorus conditions. He did his B.S. in food science at the University of Chapingo, Mexico. Google Scholar Profile